The Kingsley Association

Urban Transition Cities Movement

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Friday: March 27th, 6pm – 9pm
Saturday: March 28th, 8am – 5pm
Sunday: March 29th, 8am-5pm

At the Kingsley Association, 6435 Frankstown Avenue, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Transition movement is in hundreds of communities in 34 countries. It is a global, grassroots network of people taking positive, creative action to increase neighborhood quality of life and local resilience.

Neighbors come together to create a stronger community, improve economic well-being, reduce dependence on oil and other damaging sources of energy, and increase food and energy production, local jobs, and security. Every community is unique and creates its own transition, yet we also face similar problems and opportunities. The Transition Network supports us to share our experiences, strategies and solutions!

This participatory, 21-hour course is an in-depth experiential introduction to the ideas, process and practices that have inspired tens of thousands of people and catalyzed a rapidly-growing global network. Through the course of the 3 days you will:

Explore ways to increase community resilience through innovative projects and ideas
Learn to describe challenges of energy supplies and costs, economic instability, equity and fairness, and action
• Receive tools for environmental community outreach problem solving, education and collaboration
Learn ways to overcome obstacles that prevent communities from responding to the challenges
Learn how to support existing leadership and expand the number and diversity of people involved
Meet others in your region who share your concerns and want to transition to greater stability and security
Become a part of a rapidly growing positive, inspirational, global movement!

Curriculum: The course describes how to initiate, support and facilitate community transition and greater resilience. It is full of imaginative and inspiring ways to engage your community, and delves into both the theory and practice of Transition that is helping thousands of communities in the U.K. and around the world.

Who should attend: People wanting to help create sustainable communities, businesses, and healthy life styles.