The Kingsley Association

Living Waters of Larimer Community Water Workshop

Date: January 17, 2015
Time: 12:00pm – 3:00pm
Location: The Kingsley Center
Larimer residents will join the Larimer Consensus Group, the Larimer Green Team, and Living Waters of Larimer to set the course for water resources in the community for many years to come.
At this workshop the Larimer residents that participated in the fall LWOL visioning sessions will present innovative concepts for water features in Larimer that meet the cutting-edge goals of the Larimer Vision-to-Action Plan.  The visioning was bounded by the reality of the regional need for financing future sewer investments and clean water.
After this discussion the Technical Team of Living Waters of Larimer will lead a learning and design exercise to demonstrate how rainwater management tools of all sorts can be distributed throughout the neighborhood to serve multiple needs and build an attractive affordable community.
The event will close with recommendations for how the community has been, and can continue, interacting with public agencies and private developers to make the vision a reality.
For More Info Contact:
Mikana Maeda
Phone: (412) 661- 8751 ext. 104

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