The Kingsley Association

Kingsley-Lincoln Freedom School

Freedom School-01

Program Highlights

  • Literacy Based
  • Culturally Rich
  • Cooperative Group Activities
  • Social Action
  • Integrated Reading Curriculum
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Swimming
  • Weekly field trips

Kingsley-Lincoln Freedom School program features a model curriculum for reading enrichment, youth leadership, cultural awareness, parent empowerment, civic engagement, and social action. In partnership with the Kingsley Association and the Pittsburgh Lincoln Elementary school, the Kingsley-Lincoln Freedom School enhances children’s motivation to read and generate positive attitudes towards learning. A key goal is leadership development through identifying, training, linking, and grooming a successor generation of youth leaders. College aged young people attend a National training in Tennessee for the implementation of the Integrated Reading Curriculum (IRC) and to help with the Children’s Defense Fund movement of Leave No Child Behind. “I Can Make a Difference” is the theme for Freedom School with five sub-themes: Self, Family, Community, Country and World, through Hope, Education and Action. We can truly Make A Difference with the help and determination from our staff, parents and community members.

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