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Kingsley-Lincoln Freedom School

Freedom Schools believes in children,

so that children will believe in themselves!!


The Kingsley-Lincoln Freedom School is coordinated nationally by the Children’s Defense Fund. We are proud to be entering our 12th year of operation with the generous support of The Heinz Endowments. The Children’s Defense Fund Kingsley-Lincoln Freedom School is a literacy and culturally rich summer program. The theme is I Can Make A Difference in: Self, Family, Community, Country and World through Hope, Education and Action.The leadership of Freedom school is intergenerational. However, college-aged Servant Leaders are the front line leaders of the program. The program is designed to open and broaden the world of reading for children and develop emerging young leaders. The Integrated Reading Curriculum also addresses conflict resolution strategies and cooperative group activities. Other program features are social action, parent engagement, fun afternoon activities and weekly field trips.

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For more information about Freedom School please call 412.661.8751