The Kingsley Association

Imagine Larimer Software

Live. Learn. Engage.

The Imagine Larimer Software (ILS) is a tool designed to help educate and empower both individuals and communities. It is a platform that helps you to proactively engage participants in conversations about sustainability. Users are presented with design interventions, such as trees, rain gardens, housing and trails that they can drag-and-drop into their homes or communities. The impacts of those interventions are reflected visually in a dashboard to help users clearly understand the impacts of their choices.

The Imagine Larimer Software can be accompanied by the Kingsley Association’s Imagine Sustainability curriculum. Talk to us to find out how you can use our curriculum to educate your group or neighborhood about how to become more sustainable, save money on energy bills, and reduce carbon footprints. Paired with our interactive Imagine Larimer software, this is an interactive tool great for engaging both adults and kids.

Interested in bringing the Imagine Larimer package to your community? Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more! Please email Fred Brown¬†for more information.