The Kingsley Association

Larimer Vision to Action Planning

Larimer Vision To Action Planning Process Underway

—Our goal is to engage community residents and stakeholders around the Larimer Vision Plan, sustainability training, and community partnerships and events. We want to be sure that the community’s is the strongest voice in Larimer’s continued improvement.

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Imagine Larimer

Imagine Larimer as a green neighborhood! Green is the best use of our resources to improve our community’s health and planet. People are our most abundant resource. By asking our community to imagine a green future, we hope to find ways to create local family sustaining jobs; increase our range of housing options; secure healthy food supplies; and develop sources of domestic energy that are not fossil fuel dependent.

Imagine Larimer is way to engage our community’s imagination to create a sustainable future that includes a strong local economy. How do we plan to achieve a green neighborhood? By being open to our residents and anyone committed to creating sustainable community. By connecting people’s interests and energy to resources that can help realize their vision. By focusing in finding local solutions that work. By working on small achievable business models that can be duplicated.

Imagine Larimer is an invitation to co-create local sustainable solutions that change our future and establish a strong local economy.

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