The Kingsley Association

Sustainability & Development

Imagine. Collaborate. Invest in the Community.

A community empowerment project focuses on broad based constituent building, community education, empowerment, and project  implementation; using cutting edge technology to develop virtual communities in collaboration with CDC’s manufacturers, small businesses, and community residents to create a holistic environment in concert with the Green Growth Initiative. This initiative focuses on empowering community residents to becoming leaders; enhancing their quality of life, assuming strategic roles in the Green Growth Economy as: Green Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Green Leaders, and Green Citizens who actively engage in community development processes from the ground up.

The Kingsley Association supports greening principles and sustainable community design practices in urban and community redevelopment planning; while building individual capacity to obtain sustainable careers.

Our work in the area of community development & sustainability encompasses leadership and participation in various initiatives such as the Larimer Consensus Group (LCG), various Larimer Action Teams (including the Green Team and Redd Up Team), and the Larimer Vision to Action Plan Primary Planning Team (LV2AP-PPT). The goal of this participation is to further the realization of the Larimer Vision Plan. An additional role is to continue community conversation around the Larimer Vision Plan to ensure that the Plan is, and continues to be, a living document. Our roles in the aforementioned groups are to provide capacity as an established, staffed nonprofit organization; to share the services of our Community Sustainability Coordinator and Community Liaison; and to promote and do outreach around the groups’ activities. To achieve these goals we do regular outreach to the Larimer communities, partner with organizations to bring pertinent programs and information into the neighborhood, and pursue programs and projects that will further the Larimer Vision.