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Celebrate The Power of the Vote 9/23

September 23rd is National Voter Registration Day!

Sept. 23rd 
1:30 pm
At the Kingsley Center 

It is part of a huge national effort to get as many people to register to vote as possible. We are inviting the public to celebrate with us.
We will be premiering a video, a song, and will have activities and information about voting.
We want Allegheny County to be a Power of the Vote County, meaning we will increase the number of people voting and work to have informed voters.  The goal is not to advocate on behalf of a candidate or party, but to make sure that people have access to voting.

Family Support, under the direction of its parent and Policy Board groups (Community Voices and the Advocacy Committee), is gearing up to celebrate. We are working to make sure people are registered and encouraged to vote. Family Support Centers are having activities inspiring, motivating and educating families and the community about voting. We will celebrate these activities on National Voter Registration Day.

For more information on Family Support in Allegheny County please visit



Hosted by the Allegheny County Family Support


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