The Kingsley Association


Malik Bankston, Executive Director

Malik G. Bankston was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA.  Mr. Bankston has worked in the non-profit health and human services sector for more than thirty years.  As a longtime community and political activist, he has worked locally and nationally, to organize efforts addressing a wide range of social, economic, cultural, and social issues. In 1998, Mr. Bankston was named as Executive Director of The Kingsley Association. Since then, Mr. Bankston had guided Kingsley to a fourfold increase in the size of its operations.

He has served as a consultant to agencies and programs involved with substance abuse treatment and prevention, delinquency prevention, education and adolescent development. He has extensive experience in the development and operation of family and adolescent services; and community based programs.  While remaining active in local community development efforts, Mr. Bankston has provided training and consultation to several state and federal government entities on issues related to substance abuse, delinquency and organizational development.  Mr. Bankston has always maintained an interest and active role in the development of programs that promote the personal growth and development of African American youth. In addition to providing staff and board development training for youth serving agencies, Mr. Bankston serves on several boards including Rights and Responsibilities, Pittsburgh Economic Industrialization Development, Inc., East Liberty Development, Inc., the Larimer Consensus Group, and Pittsburgh Urban Initiatives, LLC.


Mona Jordan-Hawkins, Director of Health Wellness Services


Mona Jordan- Hawkins, M.S.W., L.S.W, P.C., is a health care professional with 35+ years of experience in community, hospital, and managed care settings.  She joins Kingsley as the Director of Health and Wellness.  Ms. Jordan-Hawkins is responsible for the management of Kingsley Association wellness product suite, evaluation and assessment and new product development.

 Sharon Scott, Administrative Assistant

_MG_7511Sharon Scott is a long time Larimer resident and home owner. She has 20+ years of experience working as an Administrative Assistant in the Health, Education and Research Industry. Most recently she worked as an Administrator/Travel Analyst for the International Finance Department at Carnegie Mellon University. While searching for her next opportunity, Ms. Scott became more involved in the community in which she has lived for many years. She was hired as an intern for the Kingsley Association and became a strong advocate for the rebuilding of Larimer. Since joining the Kingsley Association, Ms. Scott has worked as Block Captain for the Urban Leadership Institute, going door-to-door in the community to inform local residents of the benefits of going green and  sustainability and how there carbon footprint affects the community and the earth as a whole. Ms. Scott has come full circle in her life where she is now serving the very community she grew up in, and working as an administrative assistant for the same organization she frequented as a child. Ms. Scott attended (OIC) Opportunities Industrial Center; where she received her educational certificate in Secretarial training, and went on to attend the School of Computer Technology where she earned a 2-year Degree in Computer Operations. She has one daughter and one granddaughter.

Tanya Hankins, Family Development Specialist / East Liberty Family Support








Thomas Washington, Family Development Specialist / East Liberty Family Support