The Kingsley Association

About the Kingsley Association

A Legacy of Community Service and Innovation

Our Mission

To inspire and promote our community growth as a physical anchor; social, wellness, and service program provider, as well as a thought leader.

Our Staff

The Kingsley Association employees are dedicated to the rejuvenation of the Larimer community in four primary areas: Health & Wellness, Education & Training, Family Services, and Community Sustainability & Development. Please get to know our diligent staff!. To contact the Kingsley Center staff, click here.

What We Do

The Kingsley Association has a rich history of providing needed services to children, youth and their families. The Kingsley Association was established in 1893 for the purpose of providing services to working class ethnic families of Pittsburgh, first from the Kingsley House in the Strip district and then the Lower Hill. Kingsley facilities have been located in Larimer and East Liberty since 1919. Kingsley operated the Lillian Taylor Camp in Valencia, Pennsylvania from 1902 till its closure in 2006.

Over the years, Kingsley has provided a variety of programs to neighborhood residents in East Liberty, Larimer, and other East End communities. Programs have included boy’s/ girl’s clubs, a literary society, infant care programs, music lessons, cooking and home economics classes, swimming, basketball, boxing, senior citizen classes, personal charm courses for young women, arts and crafts classes, camping, Office of Economic Opportunity programs, educational and career guidance, placement service and training for students at area colleges, community organization service for citizens groups, and involvement in the construction of homes for low and moderate income families.

Kingsley is active in community mobilization, pulling community resources together into coalitions and collaborations. Some examples of collaborations/partnerships include, but are not limited to: 1) serving as lead agency in developing a “Green Growth Collaborative” focused on promoting the economic growth and development of East End neighborhoods that have not been included in many traditional efforts; 2) partnering with Duquesne University in an initiative called the Community Collaborative Project in association with Hill House; 3) serving as lead agency for the East Liberty Family Support Center; and 4) partnering with the Penn State Cooperative Extension 4-H Program to offer activities for youth 5) partnership with Lincoln Elementary Technology Academy to bring the Freedom School program model to Pittsburgh; 6) Support for the Healthy Black Family Project that was launched by the University of Pittsburgh, Center for Minority Health to address specific health disparities existing primarily African-American communities.

A wide range of civic organizations use the Kingsley Association as their base of operations or regular meeting place. Some of these groups include, but are not limited to, the Greater Pittsburgh Alliance of Black School Educators, Association of African American Veterans, and Pittsburgh Black Nurses In Action. In addition, Kingsley continues to promote the healthy growth of neighborhoods through its participation in various redevelopment efforts, and opens its doors to host many community meetings.

Our Goals

  • Develop and operate new and innovating programs
  • Foster the empowerment of youth and their families
  • Develop strategic partnerships and collaborations with community agencies, corporations and universities
  • Provide comprehensive, culturally sensitive community based services